What Are Run Flat Tyres?

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Run-flat tyres represent a remarkable advancement in automotive safety, offering drivers a dependable solution in the event of a tyre puncture. These self-sustaining tyres are equipped with a strengthened sidewall, which helps to maintain the tyre’s integrity and prevent it from falling apart if it gets damaged. This blog post delves into the world of … Read more

Part Worn Tyres: A Definitive Guide

part worn tyres

When it comes to vehicle maintenance, one of the crucial aspects is choosing the right tyres. Part worn tyres, which are essentially tyres that have been used previously but still have legal tread depth, have become a popular choice for many. They offer a budget-friendly alternative to new tyres without necessarily compromising on quality. This … Read more

Catalytic Converter Theft and How To Prevent It

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Did you know that catalytic converter thefts now account for 3-in-10 thefts from private vehicles in the UK? You might have noticed the spike in these thefts in recent local news updates. The thefts are generally due to the steep rise in prices of precious metals in the production of catalytic converters. ClickMechanic’s Mechanic in … Read more

How Long Do Tyres Last?

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When it comes to vehicle maintenance, the longevity of tyres is a crucial aspect that UK drivers should consider. Understanding how long your tyres are likely to last can help in planning for replacements, ensuring safety, and managing costs. This blog post aims to provide an in-depth analysis of the factors affecting tyre lifespan and … Read more

Ultra Low Emission Zones (ULEZ): Explained

ULEZ board

London, a bustling metropolis and third largest city in Europe, has been taking significant steps to combat air pollution and reduce its carbon footprint. One of the key initiatives in this endeavour is the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ). Launched in 2019 to promote cleaner air and reduce emissions, the ULEZ has been making waves … Read more

Top 5 Tools That Mobile Mechanics Need

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As an auto technician, you have an array of mechanic tools set and equipment to complement your skills and expertise. As a mobile mechanic, your jobs will dictate your tools as it’s not always necessary for a mobile mechanic to cover all types of repairs. Depending on the type of job, its long-term value, and … Read more

Tyre Markings: How to Read Your Tyre Size

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Thinking about replacing your car’s tyres and are confused by all the codes on them? Deciphering the tyre codes can be challenging, especially if you’re a first-time tyre buyer. Don’t worry, this guide is here to help. The size details, represented as a combination of letters and numbers, are typically either printed or embossed onto … Read more

Choosing Car Tyres – Tread Carefully

For most of us, car tyres are an expense we could do without. They usually require replacing at the most inconvenient time and therefore we either look for the cheapest deal or go with whatever the garage has offered you. However, tyres can make a difference in how your car handles as well as your … Read more

How To Change a Wheel Bearing

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If you notice a strange humming noise that seems to increase with acceleration or when the vehicle turns – it’s likely that the wheel bearing of the vehicle is damaged. But what are wheel bearings? Are they car parts that you can replace yourself? This article will deep dive into what a wheel bearing is, … Read more

Why is my Car Making a Knocking Noise?

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From minor inconveniences to potential major problems, a knocking noise coming from the vehicle can be indicative of a variety of underlying issues. In this post, we’ll delve into the possible reasons your car might be making a knocking noise and what to do next. Car making a knocking sound when accelerating This generally occurs … Read more