Car running costs: How to save money

Car running costs

The cost of running a car is unfortunately only getting higher, but we share some helpful tips and advice to save money on car costs. First and foremost when you’re budgeting for your car ownership costs, you’ll need to consider all the associated costs involved closely to understand how you might limit those costs. What … Read more

What is Undertaking? Laws, Highway Code And Rules

UK motorway with traffic undertaking

In the context of vehicles undertaking is about the practice of ‘overtaking’ a slower moving vehicle on the left hand side, we will guide you through what undertaking is and discuss laws and regulations around this practice. Is Undertaking Illegal? Undertaking is not illegal, though it can be dangerous and is discouraged. You can also … Read more

Engine Coolant – What is it and how to check

Car engine coolant antifreeze

Engine coolant helps keep your engine running efficiently and helps prevent it from overheating, and so it is crucial to ensure your vehicle has enough coolant, read on to find out more. Our comprehensive guide will help you identify any potential issues, how often you should check it and clarify how you can keep your … Read more

Top 5 Tools That Mobile Mechanics Need

mobile mechanic doing a pressure test

As an auto technician, you have an array of mechanic tools set and equipment to complement your skills and expertise. As a mobile mechanic, your jobs will dictate your tools as it’s not always necessary for a mobile mechanic to cover all types of repairs. Depending on the type of job, its long-term value, and … Read more

5 Things To Do Over Easter Weekend

Let’s be honest, Easter this year may be the most normal one we have had in the last few years. And so naturally, it’s not surprising that the number of UK motorists hitting the roads for a spring getaway is expected to reach an eight-year high this Easter! There are expected to be 21 million … Read more

10 Ways You Can Save Fuel In Your Car

filling fuel in car

We’re seeing fuel prices rise through the roof and it’s no secret that several other costs of living are also rising in the UK. As a result, consumers are taking cost-cutting measures into their own hands, and one such measure to reduce fuel costs that is gaining traction is known as “hypermiling”. What is hypermiling? … Read more

Is Premium Fuel Really Worth It?

filling fuel

Whenever you refuel at a petrol station, you’ve probably seen extra nozzles offering Premium fuel that is branded with something like “Super”, “Momentum”, or “High-performance”. In most cases, these fuels are not worth the additional cost per litre as the vehicle’s engine management software has been developed to run perfectly on the standard fuels. However, … Read more