5 Ways To Keep Your Car Looking Cleaner For Longer

We all intend to keep our cars looking their best, but maintaining a shiny motor is hard work! With winter round the corner this task is going to get even more difficult with rain and snow doing their best to make our vehicles looking less scrubbed and more snubbed. But what if I told you there were a couple of quick tips that could make keeping your car looking it’s best a lot easier? Well it’s your lucky day as we’ve come up with 5 simple hacks which will make your car the envy of your neighbours (for minimal effort)!



1. Avoid parking under trees

Trees are great right? They look nice, are fun to climb and turn carbon dioxide into oxygen which is quite handy for us humans. But be warned, these seemingly friendly giants are your worst nightmare if you park your vehicle under one. I know I’ve felt my heart sink after coming back to find my car covered in sap (or a gift from a friendly pigeon) – so if possible try and park your car away from these, to avoid gradual build up of sap and other nasties that come from our leafy friends.


2. Get a car cover

If you haven’t got a garage, then your car will be an purely outdoor animal (at least we assume so). And in this case it means it’s going to be up against the elements such as snow, rain and dust – which get a whole lot worse as the seasons change. The best defence against these is a car cover, and will probably save you time in the long run.


3. Keep your cleaning products in your car

Part of the hassle of washing your car is getting everything ready. Finding a cloth and getting your cleaning supplies off that top shelf is half the battle. I’d recommend keeping a microfibre cleaning cloth and a spay-can car wash in handy so you can attend to those little bits of dirt as they arrive.


4. Keep your wiper blades clean

Washing your clothes with dirty water seems sort of counter-productive right? Well the same is true of your wiper blades. Once you’ve washed your windows, make sure you don’t forget to give your wiper blade a quick clean. Simply give them a clean with some washer fluid, then give them a quick rinse with some clear water and this should get rid of most of the gunk that builds up over time.


5. Wax

Waxing is like suncream for your car. Without wax your car’s paint is left exposed to the element, and although paint is a little more durable than int eh 60’s and 70’s, it takes your car’s sheen to the next level, and will leave you the envy of the street. Regular waxing (every 3 months) will help keep your paint job in good nick and on top of this will significantly reduce unsightly strips after wet weather.


Now you’ve got the outside looking top notch, why not tackle the inside next! Our friends at Hassle have written a great blog post which with some expert tips – check it out here!

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