The Female Premium: Women Charged Up To 30% More For Car Repair Than Men

In a shocking new study we found that women are being charged up to a third more than their male counterparts for car repair. ClickMechanic tested independent car garages around the country and found that, on average, women are quoted £45 more than men despite requesting identical jobs on identical cars.

The investigation took place across garages in 10 of the UK’s biggest cities. We asked male and female mystery shoppers to get quotes for a clutch replacement of a 2011 Ford Focus. After getting quotes from over 182 garages we discovered a female premium was present in eight out of 10 of the British cities.

The starkest different was found in Birmingham where the average quote for male car owners was £445 whereas for female car owners it was £582, a difference of 31%. In Manchester where there was a 28% female premium and Glasgow followed this with a 20% premium. Edinburgh bucked the trend, with female participants being charged 18% less.

Women In Birmingham & Manchester Charged Over £130 More Than Their Male Counterparts

How Much More Women Were Charged Than Men For A Clutch Replacement In Different Areas Of The Country

For most female car-owner in the UK this report will come as an unwelcome surprise. While the vast majority of mechanics strive to provide honest and reliable quotes, these results show that there is a worrying minority of garages failing to do so. There is a desperate need across the industry for transparency and consistency in price in order to establish trust with consumer of both sexes.

We also uncovered some price-hiking across the country, irrespective of gender in that both men and women were quoted £80 more than the recommended industry standard guidelines provided by car manufactures, parts providers and trade bodies.


How to protect yourself from rogue traders

If you’re one of the 45% of car owners who don’t know how much car repair should cost, we’re here to help. We have a 100% free, price estimator tool, which will allow you to protect yourself from the minority of cowboy mechanics out there. Alternatively, why not book your next car repair through ClickMechanic, ensuring you get a transparent upfront quote and one of our trusted mechanics will come to you and repair your car.


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